Asphalt Tank Trailers

Brand new Asphalt tanker trailer promotion

Brand new Asphalt tanker trailer promotion in september,

JERRY manufactures high-quality Asphalt Bitumen tank trailers used to transport liquid asphalt from oil refineries and wharves to asphalt storage depots, and also transport asphalt from asphalt storage depots to asphalt plants.

Bitumen tank trailer also called heated bitumen tank trailer, heated bitumen transport, hot asphalt tanker, Insulation asphalt tanker, Liquid Asphalt tank, semi-trailer hot asphalt tanker

The long service life and low maintenance of the JERRY Bitumen tank trailer have been well-accepted by customers across the world.

If you're interested in more details or other models, welcome to search "JERRY VEHICLE" on Youtube, thanks!


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