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Fence Semi Trailer

JERRY 3 axle fence trailer for sale in Zimbabwe is a type of trailer designed to transport a wide variety of cargo on the roadways. 3 axle fence trailer for sale are typically attached to a tractor-trailer or 3 axle fence trailer and are used to haul large and heavy
The fence cargo truck trailer type animal transport trailer is a cheap and light construction compared to other fence cargo trailer that you will ever come across out there in the market.
This type of 12.5m fence semi trailerfor sale in Russia is JERRY VEHICLE most commonly sold model and exported to Russia , Sudan, Nigeria, Zambia, Senegal, etc.
China skate semi trailer for sale is a common semi-trailer transport method, shipping stations, courier companies indispensable means of transport.
3 axle bulk cargo semi trailer for sale is a common semi-trailer transport method, shipping stations, courier companies indispensable means of transport. For the delivery of simple goods, such as: vegetables, fruits, clothes, appliances, and other daily necessities.
12.5m fence semi trailer was popular by logistics companies as its multipurpose application. Tri axle fence semi trailer price uses to load a wide range of products and materials, like sand, bags, poultry, etc.

Fence Semi Trailer


Table of Contents

Chapter1: What is a Fence Semi Trailer?

Chapter2:The development history of fence semi trailer

Chapter3: What Type of fence semi trailer?

Chapter1: What is a Fence Semi Trailer?

With its advantages of large loading capacity, fast transportation, convenient disassembly, wide range of uses, and low investment cost, the fence semi trailer for sale has been rapidly developed and widely used in China in the past ten years. In 2016, the domestic annual output of fence semi trailer was approximately There are 190,195 vehicles, accounting for more than 30% of semi-trailers. Although the technical content of fence semi trailer is relatively low and the manufacturing is relatively simple, the products of some informal manufacturers are shoddy and some salesmen compete at low prices and disorderly. It is difficult for users to get the guarantee they deserve in terms of quality and service, and the vehicle operation is poor. Safety is also difficult to guarantee.

In recent years, there have been more and more trailer factories in the country, large and small. However, for users, it is easy to buy a fence semi trailer , but difficult to buy a good trailer. For trailer manufacturers, it is easy to build a trailer, but difficult to build a good trailer. It is also more difficult to insist on making a good trailer. Disaster. This article aims to provide you with some reference information when purchasing a fence semi trailer, hoping that you can clearly choose a good trailer.

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Chapter2:The development history of fence semi trailer

It is said that the first semi-trailer in the history of road transportation equipment was the tractor-trailer model exhibited by Scammell at the 1921 Olympic Motor Show. Although the tractor is three-wheeled, the trailer is also single-axle. , but it is already equipped with an independent tractor with a saddle. The semi-trailer is equipped with leaf springs, axles, rubber tires and dual tires, which are basically the same as modern semi-trailers.

The development of domestic semi-trailers should generally be synchronized with the development of my country's high-horsepower heavy trucks. Thanks to my country's rapid economic development and the rapid extension of highways in the mid-to-late 1990s, bulk cargo transportation has shifted from mainly railways to mainly highways. Moved to mainline. In 1998, in response to a series of domestic problems such as the Asian financial crisis and floods, the country implemented proactive fiscal policies, clearly proposed the concept of expanding domestic demand, and increased investment in infrastructure construction. The transportation industry follows the unified deployment of the country and intensifies highway construction. Since 1998, highway construction has entered a period of rapid development, with an average annual traffic mileage of more than 4,000 kilometers. These developments have promoted the rapid development of medium and heavy-duty trucks and semi-trailers.

The period from 2000 to 2010 was the "golden decade" for the development of heavy trucks in my country, and was also the first peak period for the development of semi-trailers. Data show that in 2002, the annual sales volume of semi-trailers in my country was only 45,000 units, which jumped to 45,000 and 300,000 units in 2010. In the following five years, the number has hovered between 190,000 and 320,000.

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The fence semi trailer transport truck is a road transport equipment with Chinese characteristics. Developed countries such as Europe and the United States mainly use van transport. The warehouse-type semi-trailer took shape in China around 2002. With its advantages of large loading capacity, fast transportation, convenient disassembly, wide range of uses, and low investment cost, fence semi trailer has been rapidly developed and widely used. It has become the current road transportation in China. main equipment.

Especially around 2008, as the country’s efforts to control over-the-counter truck accidents increased, the transportation market’s demand for lightweight vehicles became more urgent. At the same time, the national testing agency’s testing standards for van semi-trailers were further clarified: “The top is closed and cannot be opened” and “ "More than two double doors are not allowed on the side." However, the curb weight of a warehouse-type semi-trailer is 1-2 tons lighter than that of a box-type semi-trailer, and the top does not need to be closed for hoisting. The side door is easy to open and can facilitate the operation of forklifts and forklifts. Therefore,  fence semi trailer began to gradually replace van semi-trailers in some fields, such as coal transportation, agricultural and sideline products and other light cargo transportation. Since then, warehouse-type semi-trailers have begun to develop rapidly in China, and were introduced to Vietnam and other countries 10 years later. Myanmar and other countries. In 2016, the output of fence semi trailer for sale was approximately 190,195 units, growing rapidly, accounting for more than 30% of domestic semi-trailer output that year.


Chapter3: What Type of fence semi trailer?

After more than ten years of rapid development, the types and structures of fence semi trailer for sale have gradually improved.

In terms of appearance and structure, fence semi trailer generally have two types: straight beam and gooseneck. The straight beam is commonly known as "straight plate", and the gooseneck beam presents a "Z" shape and is commonly known as "high and low plate". The height difference between the bottom plate and the gooseneck of the high-low board is generally about 200mm. Compared with the straight beam structure, the loading space is larger and the center of gravity of the goods is lower. It is suitable for the transportation of general cargo with relatively low density and the transportation of coal in mountainous areas with large road curvature. , in the standard load transportation, the gooseneck part has been structurally designed, and there is not much difference in the selection of the straight beam in terms of load-bearing capacity. Straight beams are currently mostly used for bulk cargo transportation, such as coal, grain, sand and gravel, etc., and are relatively convenient for loading and unloading. In terms of price, the production process of goosenecks is longer than that of straight beams. Generally, the price of the same configuration is about 1,000-2,000 yuan more expensive.

In terms of door opening, in order to adapt to the transportation of different goods, the fence semi trailer have evolved from a single door opening method to a variety of door opening methods, such as long locking rod double-door warehouse gates and short locking rod double-door door warehouse gates. , left and right opening gates, upper and lower opening gates, double-layered warehouse gates, single-layered warehouse gates and other warehouse-type semi-trailers.

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The locking rod structure is generally used in the transportation of bulk goods such as coal. The main advantage is that loading and unloading is convenient, but the weight is relatively heavy. The long locking bar gate semi-trailer was developed on the basis of the early coal transporting van semitrailers. At that time, the coal transporting van semitrailers had all doors on the sides and a long locking bar structure. Later, due to the national regulations on van semitrailers The technical requirements of trailers have changed, and the weight of the van is relatively large, and the top of the semi-trailer with a warehouse gate is open, which facilitates the use of mechanical equipment for loading. After the canvas is nailed to the inside of the side warehouse gate, the surroundings are basically closed, and it has a van. When the side doors are fully opened, the door opening is relatively large and can meet the needs of unloading construction machinery such as forklifts. Van-type coal transportation semi-trailers are gradually being replaced by long-locking pole gate semi-trailers.

Generally, when the length of a long-locking semi-trailer is more than 11m, there are 3 pairs of double doors on each side. Compared with the long locking bar, the short locking bar gate semi-trailer has no top side and the locking bar is shorter, so it is relatively lighter in weight. The inside of the side fence can also be nailed with canvas, but since there is no upper side wall, the ability of the fence to prevent swelling is poorer than that of the long locking rod structure. In terms of size, the length of a short locking rod semi-trailer is generally 13m, and the height from the bottom plate to the top of the warehouse gate is generally not higher than 1800mm. In addition to transporting coal, sand and gravel, this kind of warehouse gate semi-trailer can also carry out long-distance logistics and general cargo transportation.




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