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Sidewall Semi Trailer

Tri axle sideboard trailer for sale by JERRY, a professional manufacturer in China, JERRY will provide customers with preferential prices and quality services.
JERRY 50 ton tri axle grain trailer is mainly used for grain transportation, JERRY can build your own semi grain trailer for you. Semi grain trailers for sale near you.
Generally, JERRY tir axle dropside trailer for sale is mainly used to transport building materials, furniture and some light goods. And JERRY dropside trailers for sale is suitable for the transport of loose material such as coal,mad,sand etc.
JERRY 60t tri axle semi trailer with side walls - the perfect solution for all your heavy-duty transportation needs! With a sturdy and reliable design, this trailer is built to handle even the toughest loads.
This 3 axle sidewall cargo semi trailer for sale has 1200mm sideboard. Hight quality side wall, make sure the stable and safety of the loads.
A tri axle side wall trailer for sale is a trailer pulled by a truck tractor and used to haul bulk commodity products, such as grain. JERRY side wall semi trailer,you best choice.

Sidewall Semi Trailer


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 :How much do you know about sidewall trailer?

Chapter 2 : What types of sidewall semi trailers are there?

Chapter 1 :How much do you know about sidewall trailer?

Sidewall truck is a truck with a flat body and no fences. It is usually used to transport large, heavy goods or items that are easy to load and unload. The flat body design of the sill truck makes it ideal for transporting oversized cargo, such as construction materials, machinery and equipment, large containers, etc. 

Sidewall semi trucks are often equipped with booms, straps and other loading and unloading equipment to secure cargo securely and prevent movement or damage during transportation. These devices make side-board trucks ideal for transporting large cargo, ensuring that the cargo remains stable and safe during transportation. 

Slope trucks play an important role in the logistics industry, providing convenient cargo transportation solutions for various industries. Whether on construction sites, manufacturing, logistics companies or other industries, stairlifts are widely used to transport various types of goods.

Overall, the flat design, stability, and safety of side-board trucks make them the preferred tool for transporting large cargo, providing efficient and reliable cargo transportation solutions for various industries.


Sidewall Trucks, as a type of truck, have many advantages and disadvantages.


1. Suitable for large cargo: The flat body design of the sill truck makes it very suitable for transporting large and heavy cargo, such as construction materials, machinery and equipment, etc. It provides enough space and stability to accommodate and transport these large cargoes. 

2. Easy to load and unload: Since there is no fence on the body, the cargo loading and unloading process of the fence truck is more convenient. Cargo can be easily unloaded from any side or top without being restricted by fences.

3. Flexibility: Stairwell trucks can accommodate cargo of various shapes and sizes because they have no limitations of fences or enclosed spaces. This makes the side-board truck more flexible when transporting irregularly shaped or oversized cargo.

4. Safely fix goods: Slope trucks are usually equipped with booms, lashings and other equipment to safely fix goods and prevent them from moving or being damaged during transportation.


1. Unable to protect cargo: Since there are no fences or enclosed spaces on board trucks, the cargo is easily exposed to the external environment and cannot be effectively protected. Cargo may be damaged during adverse weather or road conditions.

2. Safety hazards: Since the goods are exposed to the outside, there is a risk of being stolen or damaged. In addition, the cargo is not protected by fencing and may pose a hazard to other road users.

3. Loading and unloading restrictions: Although the flat design of the pallet truck makes loading and unloading of goods more convenient, additional loading and unloading equipment or operating skills may be required for some special-shaped or fragile goods.


In summary, sill trucks have the advantages of transporting large cargo and flexibility, but they also have disadvantages such as insufficient cargo protection, safety hazards, and loading and unloading restrictions. When choosing a pallet truck as a means of transportation, it is necessary to weigh its advantages and disadvantages according to the specific situation and take corresponding measures to ensure the safety and smooth transportation of goods.


Chapter 2 : What types of sidewall semi trailers are there?

Side Walls Trailer, as a special vehicle for transporting goods, can be divided into many types according to specific design and functional requirements. Here are a few common types of side wall carts:

Fixed Side Walls Trailer: This type of side wall trailer usually has fixed side walls that cannot be adjusted or folded and is suitable for stable-shaped cargo transportation.

Adjustable Side Walls Trailer: The side walls of the adjustable side wall trailer can be adjusted as needed to accommodate cargo of different heights or sizes, providing greater flexibility.

Foldable Side Walls Trailer: The side walls of the Foldable Side Walls Trailer can be folded or stowed, making it easier to load and unload cargo. It is especially suitable for situations where frequent loading and unloading of cargo is required.

High Side Walls Trailer: High Side Walls Trailer has higher side panels and is used to transport goods that are easily scattered or high in height, providing better protection and safety.

Side Opening Side Walls Trailer: The side panels of the Side Opening Side Walls Trailer can be opened to facilitate loading and unloading of goods from the side. It is suitable for goods or scenes that require side loading and unloading.

These different types of side wall trucks have their own characteristics. The appropriate side wall truck type can be selected according to the characteristics of the goods and transportation needs to achieve efficient and safe cargo transportation.





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