Skeleton Semi Trailer

Multi types of container trailer

Multi types of container trailer

Through these videos, you can learn about different types of container chassis trailers, like 2/3/4 axle container chassis for sale, 20/40ft  skeleton container, interlink container trailer, terminal trailer, and the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.


JERRY VEHICLE Container chassis trailer is used to transport containers, and container chassis trailers have different shapes and sizes. JERRY VEHICLE container trailer can be divided into two types: common skeleton trailer and special container transport trailer. JERRY VEHICLE common container skeletal trailer can be customized to 20/40/45/53 feet skeleton trailer. We also provide customers with different options: 2 axles container Chassis trailer, 3 axles shipping container trailer, 4 axles, airbag suspension, spring steel suspension. 

Special container trailer: terminal trailer, tipper chassis trailer and interlink trailer. 


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