Skeletal Trailer

What is a skeleton semi-trailer? What are the characteristics of skeleton semi-trailers?

A skeleton semi-trailer is a semi-trailer whose frame is welded by longitudinal beams, cross beams and front and rear end beams. It is similar in appearance to a flat-panel semi-trailer, except that the steel plate is replaced by a frame. Viewed from the top of the body, its bottom is exposed status, so the goods it transports are generally special.

Under normal circumstances, skeleton semi-trailers can be used to transport containers, such as in logistics systems such as ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels, etc., and can also be used to transport dangerous goods tanks. For skeleton-type semi-trailers, whether they are containers or dangerous goods tanks, they all belong to the category of cargo, and only the vehicle skeleton belongs to the body structure.

Compared with ordinary semi-trailers, skeleton semi-trailers are lighter and can transport more goods under regulatory standards. At the same time, they can save fuel and reduce vehicle costs. To a certain extent, they can improve transportation efficiency and increase a certain amount of cargo. The box volume has led many express companies to choose to use skeleton trucks instead of original vans.

Although the structure of the skeleton semi-trailer appears to be relatively simple, due to the particularity of transporting goods, the strength requirements for the vehicle are relatively high. If it is used to transport dangerous goods in tanks, the requirements for vehicle stability will also be higher. Therefore, for the axles and suspensions of skeleton semi-trailers, it is necessary to fully consider various factors when purchasing.JERRY VEHICLE adopts the 1+2 structure design of aluminum alloy outriggers. The outriggers are more stable and can be trailered directly without any auxiliary support on the outriggers. The price is relatively affordable, allowing car owners to get a cost-effective transport vehicle.

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The advantages of skeleton cars mainly include the following aspects.

Saves packaging costs for goods: Since the goods are loaded directly into the container, there is no need to flip them. Therefore, there is no need to package the goods separately, saving packaging costs.

Reduce cargo damage and cargo differences: Because during the entire transportation process, the container itself is a sturdy package. Containers are only opened for loading and unloading during initial transportation and final transportation. There is no need to flip the cargo in the container during the intermediate steps, so the cargo is not easily damaged or lost. Container moving transport can reduce cargo damage and cargo differences caused by theft, moisture, pollution, etc., and is very popular among cargo owners and shipping companies. Moreover, due to the reduction in cargo damage and cargo difference rates, it reduces the waste of social wealth and also has great benefits. social benefits.

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Reduces the entire transportation cost: Since the loading and unloading of containers is basically not affected by bad weather, the non-productive berthing time of the ship is shortened, and due to the high loading and unloading efficiency, the loading and unloading time is shortened. For the shipping company, it can increase the navigation rate and reduce the ship's cost. Transportation costs, for the port, can increase the berth capacity, thereby increasing throughput and increasing revenue.

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