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Step Decks, Flatbeds, and Lowboys: Compare Specialized Trucking Trailers

Are you curious about the different types of specialized trucking trailers, such as step decks, flatbeds, and lowboys? In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the unique characteristics of these trailers and help you understand their specific applications within the transportation industry. We’ll also compare and contrast their features, helping you determine which type of trailer is best suited for your needs. Let’s dive into the world of specialized trucking trailers and uncover their distinct advantages and differences.

What is a Step Deck in Trucking?

A step deck, also known as a drop deck trailer, is a specialized trucking trailer designed to transport tall cargo that exceeds the height limitations of a standard flatbed trailer. It features a two-level deck with an upper and lower section, allowing for the transportation of taller loads without violating legal height restrictions.

What is the Difference Between a Step Deck and Double Drop Trailer?

While both step deck and double drop trailers are designed to accommodate tall cargo, there are some key differences in their design and functionality:

  • Design: A step deck trailer has two levels, while a double drop trailer features a lower central deck, flanked by raised front and rear sections.

  • Functionality: Double drop trailers are better suited for hauling extremely large or heavy equipment that requires a lower deck height for safe transportation. Step deck trailers are more versatile and can accommodate a wider range of cargo sizes and shapes.

What is the Difference Between a Step Deck and Drop Deck Trailer?

There is no difference between a step deck and a drop deck trailer; these terms are used interchangeably to describe the same type of specialized trucking trailer with a two-level deck.

Is a Step Deck Trailer the Same as a Flatbed Trailer?

While a step deck trailer shares some similarities with a flatbed trailer, they have distinct differences:

  • Deck Design: A step deck has a two-level deck, while a flatbed has a single-level deck.

  • Height Accommodation: Step deck trailers are designed to transport taller cargo, whereas flatbed trailers are better suited for standard-sized loads.

What is a Step Deck vs Flatbed vs Lowboy?

Each of these specialized trucking trailers serves different purposes within the transportation industry:

  • Step Deck: Designed for tall cargo that exceeds the height limitations of flatbed trailers, featuring a two-level deck.

  • Flatbed: Suited for standard-sized loads, offering a single-level deck with easy loading and unloading capabilities.

  • Lowboy: Ideal for transporting extremely heavy and oversized equipment, with a low deck height to accommodate the height and weight of large machinery.

Is Step Deck Better than Flatbed?

The choice between a step deck and flatbed trailer depends on the specific needs of your cargo:

  • Step Deck Advantage: If you need to transport tall cargo that exceeds standard flatbed height limitations, a step deck trailer is the better option.

  • Flatbed Advantage: For standard-sized loads, a flatbed trailer is often more accessible and cost-effective.

In conclusion, understanding the differences between step decks, flatbeds, and lowboys is crucial when choosing the right specialized trucking trailer for your cargo. By considering the unique characteristics and applications of each type of trailer, you can make an informed decision that best suits your transportation needs.