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4 Axle Rgn Lowboy Trailer

40CBM Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer

18700 USD
The 4 axle 40CBM bulker cement power tanker trailer used to transport cement is a bulk powder transporter composed of a specially designed chassis, pneumatic piping system, tanker, and unloading unit.
SKU: 4 Axle 40CBM Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer
GTIN: 6949552787868
MPN: JR200

40CBM Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer Price: 18700USD

JERRY VEHICLE’s 4 axle 40CBM bulker cement power tanker trailer tank body as a whole is made of high-strength alloy steel from a well-known domestic manufacturer, with very tight welding, good airtightness, and good performance, and also adopts advanced technology, fluidized bed, non-planning structure, gas material separation device, and safe discharge device, which effectively reduces the weight of the vehicle and improves the discharge speed.

Each set of bulker cement tanker power trailer can hold up to 100 cubic meters. It provides an ideal solution for transporting large amounts of cement, especially for heavy construction projects, which is different from using a traditional 4 axle 40m3 bulker cement tanker trailer

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Bulker Cement Tanker Specification:

Dimension: 11200mm * 2000mm *4000mm (the exact size depends on the final design.)

Tanker body material : 5mm high strength wear-resistance steel

Payload : 40m3

Axles:3 axles

Tire:12 units

Application: transport lime, cement, powder etc.

Tank body thickness: 3.5mm

Compressor: 12m³ double cylinder air compressor

Spare tire rack: 2 units

Leaf spring: 10 pieces

Sprinkler: one sprinkler; car waxing  

Diesel Engine: WEICHAI Brand

Compressor: BOHAI

Suspension: Heavy-duty mechanical suspension

Landing gear: JOST

Brake system: WABCO

Light: LED light (especially intended for oversea markets)

Voltage: 24V

Tool box: 1 set

Painting: Polyurethane paint, with long service life, and avoid the vehicle getting rust


Chike - 2023-09-16 17:44:53
I recently purchased the Jerry Vehicle 40ft 2 axle flatbed trailer. Maneuvering on the road was smooth and stable. It's definitely a reliable option for transporting cargo over long distances. Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase.
Micheal Gabriel - 2024-05-21 11:06:19
I purchased a Jerry car trailer and I am very happy with the product! This trailer is of great quality, durable, easy to operate and provides a convenient transportation solution for my vehicle.
DIARRASSOUBA - 2024-06-03 16:03:22
I am very happy to buy a car transporter from Jerry. Joy is very professional and recommended a suitable car to me according to my needs. Now I have received the car, which is beautiful and sturdy and meets my requirements.
Emanuel Grima - 2024-07-10 10:25:23
I purchased this 80 ton 3-axle low bed trailer and am very satisfied! This trailer is strong and durable, able to carry weight easily and transport cargo very stably.