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Car Carrier Trailer for sale will sent to Nigeria

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Car Carrier Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

It was the first time for a Nigeria customer to cooperate with JERRY. Sales manager Alan recommended a car carrier trailer based on the customer's needs. The customer came to JERRY factory for an on-site inspection. The customer said that JERRY was a very professional supplier. After the on-site operation and practice, the customer directly paid the deposit.

The structure of a car carrier trailer is generally divided into lower chassis, upper chassis, side parts, front parts, rear doors, top parts, accessories, hydraulic system, suspension system, air brake system, circuit system, support device, wheel hub cooling system, etc. .

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Car Carrier Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

Economical: Compared with other modes of car transportation, such as professional transportation companies or self-driving, using a car carrier trailer is usually more economical and affordable. It can save transportation costs and labor costs and provide more flexible scheduling arrangements.

Car carrier trailers price also have some restrictions and precautions. For example, driving a tow truck requires special driving skills and licenses, as well as compliance with road traffic laws. Additionally, care is required when loading and unloading a car to avoid damaging the car or causing personal injury. Therefore, when using a car carrier trailer, you should follow relevant safety operating guidelines and ensure that both the trailer and the car are in good working order.

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The car carrier trailer adopts a double-layer loading platform structure. The upper loading platform can be lifted up and down under the action of the lifting device to facilitate loading. The lifting device is configured according to different needs and can be divided into three types: hydraulic cylinder direct lifting type, pulley wire rope traction lifting type and hand chain hoist hanging type.