Successful Case

Tri Axle Sideboard Trailer for Sale in Angola

Tri Axle Sideboard Traile2.jpg

Tir Axle Semi Trailer with Sidewall for sale at the best ex-factory price. The customer from Angola is the purchasing manager of a large local logistics and transportation company. This time he wanted to buy a sidecar for his transportation business. As a result, the customer learned about the sidecars for sale through Jerry’s website.

We had an in-depth understanding of the customer's specific usage needs and had in-depth discussions with account manager Amy and the technical team. We recommend our customers to use the tir axle semi trailer with sidewall. Let me introduce it to you in detail below.

After a week of conversations, the customer finally gave up on quotes from other suppliers and chose Jerry. This is not only the best choice for customers, but also the best choice for you. Currently, the tir axle semi trailer with sidewall purchased by the customer has been produced in the factory and will be shipped to Angola soon.

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JERRY sidewall trailers for sale are very popular among customers in Africa. Therefore, we have also accumulated a lot of old customers, and these old customers have also cooperated with jERRY factory for many years. At the same time, these old customers are constantly introducing their friends to buy sidewall trailers from JERRY. Why are more and more customers choosing JERRY trailers for sale?

First of all, we are a physical manufacturing factory with a complete technical design team and manufacturing equipment, which can meet customers’ batch and customized production needs. It is familiar with the road traffic regulations of each country and can provide customers with suitable trailer transportation solutions for all types of cargo.

Furthermore, we sell directly from the factory to end customers without going through any third-party service platform. Factory selling price, saving customers unnecessary expenses. After-sales service is more timely and effective, and replacement services for easily worn parts are provided free of charge.

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If you want to know more details about this car, please leave us a message and we will have a professional account manager to tailor it for you according to your needs.