Successful Case

60 Ton Fence Cargo Trailer will be export to Mozambique

Mozambique customers are new customers of Jerry. This time, the customer wanted to buy a 60 ton fence cargo trailer, and he still chose the JerryVehicle 60 Ton fence cargo trailer for transporting bulk cargo.

Sales manager Alice reconfirmed the customer's needs and recommended the customer to purchase this 60 Ton fence cargo trailer. Due to the urgent need of customers, we arranged for the factory to speed up production to ensure that customers can receive the 60 Ton fence cargo trailer as soon as possible.

60 Ton Fence Cargo Trailer will be export to Mozambiaue (3).jpg

60 Ton fence cargo trailer has the advantages of large load capacity, fast transportation, convenient disassembly and assembly, wide application range, and low investment cost.

60 Ton fence the walls of a cargo trailer usually consist of vertical bars or slats spaced at regular intervals to allow for ventilation and visibility while containing cargo.

The production of a 60 Ton fence cargo trailer involves several steps. First, the design and specifications of the trailer are determined based on customer requirements and regulations. High-strength steel is then used to build the frame of the trailer, and the walls and roof are added.

60 Ton fence semi trailer is usually designed to carry large amounts of cargo and has a high load capacity. Its structural design makes the weight of goods more evenly distributed, which can effectively reduce the impact on the towing vehicle and improve the overall transportation efficiency.