Successful Case

2 Axle 40Ft Container Chassis exported to Tanzania


Our customer in Tanzania needed a container truck to deliver the goods, so we found JERRY's account manager, AMY, on the strong recommendation of a friend. The account manager AMY recommended 2 axle 40ft container chassis trailer according to the customer's needs. The Tanzanian customer was very satisfied and even agreed to order.

Now that the 2 axle 40ft container chassis trailer  has been completed, the staff is entering the vehicle test to fully ensure the quality of the vehicle and create a beautiful shopping experience for customers.


The 2 axle 40ft container classis is the best trailer for people to transporting 20ft containers, its selfweight is very low, and the cost is lower than the other container carriers, like flatbed semi trailer, side loader trailer etc.Therefore this 2 axle 40ft container classis trailer can help customers saving money and make money fast. Beacase of the light self weight, it can be load about four 20ft skeleton trailers into one container, the delivery cost will be lower, too.

We can customize a quasi-professional personalized plan for you based on your needs.There is a lot more to the performance of container chassis trailer, if you need more details, please leave a message and contact us.